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Webflow optimisations for carbon conscious designers

Build in Webflow, optimise with Flowty, host where you want.

Instantly better performance

Automated, optimised, controlled by you

Low-carbon Webflow sites (over 20% lighter on average)

Self host your Webflow sites (Host green)

Webflow isn’t green.
We’ve fixed that.

Webflow is great. But it’s not that green. For the carbon conscious it’s just not good enough and until it is, here we are.
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Green hosting
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Host where you want
Tiny image files
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WebP & AVIF image formats
Minified Scripts
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Only on paid plan
Minimised JS
Assets on your domain
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Host images, fonts, JavaScript and CSS on the same domain as your site
Optimised Youtube embeds
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Uses Lite Youtube Embed package to reduce  data consumed
Optionally remove jQuery, Webflow JS and unused CSS
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Save kilobytes if you’re not using them
Check out the full list of optimisations from Flowty.

Flowty will help you:

Save time

Common, time-consuming optimisations are done with a few simple toggles. (So you can focus on delivering a perfectly designed site.)

Lower carbon footprint

Host your site on a green web host. Plus, our one-click site optimisations reduce page footprint by over 20%

Focus on design

Design in Webflow, keep your Flowty site automatically updated with Webhooks.

Increase site performance

Faster load times, better lighthouse performance scores, yes please!

Save money on hosting

For simple sites, stay on the Webflow free tier and host elsewhere.

Get better SEO

Flowty automatically generates a sitemap and robots.txt file  for search indexing

Better with Flowty

Compare the same site using Flowty with the original hosted on Webflow.
Showing Webflow to eleveny static site generator

Webflow + 11ty

Flowty’s code takes your Webflow site, runs the pages through the Eleventy static site generator, and applies a series of optimisations to the page content and assets.

Flowty outputs sites as good old fashioned HTML files. This allows sites to be hosted almost anywhere.

With Flowty, you still use Webflow’s design and editing tools to build, publish, and maintain sites.

"Flowty removes the pain of the development process, allowing me to finally focus on the design part of building a low-carbon site. It's like having a low-carbon no-code mode. It's magic!"
Co-founder of heyLOW.
"Flowty is exactly the tool I was looking for, saving me a bunch of optimisation time and letting me host my Webflow sites on the green hosting of my choice. Without even losing Webflow editing - amazing!"
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Each plan below will include all the features & optimisations available in Flowty
Each site
EU €5 /mo
Not sure? Book a Demo

Using Flowty is simple


Create a new site in Webflow

Publish it to a staging URL


Add your site to Flowty

You’ll get a unique site ID & code which you can upload to a GitHub or GitLab.


Choose your optimisations

As simple as clicking a few toggles


Publish to your choice of host

Create a new site by connecting your code repository to a hosting service like Cloudflare Pages, Netlify, Vercel, Render, or others.


Set to auto-update

Use webhooks to set your site to rebuild whenever you update Webflow or your Flowty settings.


Can I still update my site after using Flowty?

Yes, you can continue to use Webflow’s designer & editor to maintain your site just as you normally do.

Will my Flowty site update if I make changes in Webflow?

You’ll be able to connect your Flowty site to Webflow using webhooks, to ensure your production site remains up-to-date whenever you make changes in Webflow.

Do I need to keep a Webflow Site Plan?

If you don’t need any of Webflow’s advanced features, then no you do not need a paid Webflow Site Plan. If you are a heavy Webflow forms user, or using CMS or eCommerce functionality, then you will need a paid Webflow Site Plan for those functions to work on your Flowty site.

Can I use Flowty for free?

No. Flowty is a paid service. By paying a small amount each month to use Flowty you allow me to continue actively developing and supporting it.

If you need to see how it works, schedule a demo using this calendar link.

Where can I host my Flowty site?

You can host your Flowty site anywhere that can run NodeJS and serve static HTML web pages. If you want, you can even host it on your own Raspberry Pi device powered by solar panels!

Do Webflow's forms still work?

Yes, they will still work based on the limits of your site’s Webflow plan.

Can I get help with further Webflow optimisations?

Yes, absolutely! If you’d like a performance audit of your Webflow design, or want a quick consulting call, email [email protected]

Can I see a demo?

Sure! Schedule a demo using this calendar link.

Get a faster, low-carbon Webflow site in minutes.
Get Flowty.