What does Flowty optimise?

Choose the optimisations you want via our dashboard, and let Flowty do the rest!



Images can be downloaded, and served from the same domain as the website itself. This helps with performance, and ensures they are hosted sustainably if a green web host is used.

Modern formats

At the time of writing, Webflow does not serve WebP or AVIF versions of images. Flowty runs all images through an optimisation step and serves modern formats with a fallback for older browsers.

Optimised background images

Background images that are requested via CSS also get downloaded locally, and run through an optimisation step to reduce their size.

CSS optimisations


Like images, Flowty also downloads Webflow CSS files and serves them locally.

Inline critical CSS

An optional step to help with performance. Flowty extracts the CSS required for the initial rendering of a page, and inlines it into the HTML.

Remove unused CSS

An optional step that should be used with care. Flowty checks each page, and generates a file CSS that includes only the declarations required by that page. This can greatly reduce the CSS file size for some pages.

JavaScript optimisations


The same idea as CSS and images. Flowty downloads both the Webflow JS and jQuery files used by a site.


Some sites don’t much interactivity. In these cases, designers can save kilobytes by removing the Webflow JS or jQuery files from the site.


Sites on Webflow’s free plan come with unminified JS. Flowty runs a minification step on the Javascript files it downloads, to reduce their transfer size.

Font optimisations


Webflow allows designers to use Google Fonts or upload their own custom fonts. Flowty downloads these font files and hosts them on the same origin as the site itself.

Video optimisations


Background videos uploaded to Webflow are downloaded by Flowty and served locally.

Optimise Youtube embeds

Flowty uses the Lite Youtube Embed package to significantly reduce the amount of data consumed by embedded Youtube videos when a page is first loaded.

A few added extras

One top of having the option to host a Webflow site on a sustainable hosting provider, plus the optimisations mentioned above, Flowty has a few extra bonuses that designers can leverage.

  • Download website metadata (icons, open graph images etc) and host them locally.
  • Use instant.page to improve site navigation.
  • Add custom code to the head and body of a site (currently available in Webflow only through a paid plan).
  • Remove the “Made in Webflow” branding on pages.
  • Generate sitemap and robots.txt.

As the web platform continues to evolve, I’ll be looking at how to bring in more sustainability and performance optimisations into Flowty.

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